Thursday, May 14, 2009

Reason #6: He Didn't Even Get Robbed

The keys were here for seven hours. And his car was unlocked. He didn't get robbed...til we got there. Because he didn't get robbed by someone he didn't know, I love Atlanta.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Reason #5: Ann's Snack Bar

You can find Ann at her snack bar at 1615 Memorial Drive. We highly recommend you quit your job NOW and make plans to eat lunch at Ann's Snack Bar every day for the rest of your life, which won't be long if you heed our advice because the burgers are so artery-clogging delicious that your heart might stop after eating it for a week straight.

Ann does a burger right. After eating her famous Ghetto Burger we learned that the key to a burger is the perfect ratio of ingredients, and this is what Ann has mastered. The perfect combination of ketchup, mustard, chili, beef, bacon, and bread (and lettuce/tomato if you so desire) keeps the burger on its bun so it's great to eat with your hands or a fork and knife.

Honestly speaking, we hadn't had a real burger until we had the Ghetto Burger. No. We hadn't lived until we tasted the Ghetto Burger. I can't stress to you enough how important it is that you try this amazing creation. If all of this sounds like something you're interested in (which it better, or consider yourself banned from MannDubinBlog and probably the City of Atlanta), get to Ann's Snack Bar and order up one of these bad boys:

Because of Ann's Snack Bar, I love Atlanta.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Reason #4: Mixed Use Development

We here at MannDubinBlog are huge fans of the mixed-use development that has been going on around Atlanta. From Atlantic Station to Doraville, mixed use communities have the opportunity to transfrom our city by reducing a person's need to drive. From LaGrange to Big Canoe, these communities might just transform our region.

The picture above is a mixed use community for which construction has been stalled because of the poor economy. We're excited, however, because they've once again moved bulldozers and other equipment in. This particular community is located near interstate 85 at the intersection of North Druid Hills and Briarcliff Rds. This area is constantly plagued with intolerable traffic. While the community might make things worse, hopefully it will bring people in from the suburbs and thus off of our highways.

Because it's trying to modernize and improve, I love Atlanta.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Reason #3: March 19, 2009 (In Photos)

March 19, 2009 was an unusually exciting day in Downtown Atlanta. What was unusual was the high-rise scaffolding rescue executed by the firefighters. The usual parts of the day included priceless entertainment from Downtown Atlanta's inhabitants. See the afternoon in photos, only from MannDubinBlog!

<-------Background: Scaffolding at the very top of the building broke and was left hanging by a few small cables. Two men were trapped for hours and, at the time the picture was taken, firefighters were trying to determine the best course of action.

<-------Foreground: This man felt like dancing. There was music playing from a nearby urban clothing store, but that didn't suit his taste. He danced to his own tune throughout the afternoon.

Background: The Woman in the green shirt gives a news report about the high-rise rescue. Meanwhile, people gather around her.

Forground: Our man continues to dance his heart out while more people gather around him than the newscaster.

<------- Backround: Again, the newscaster gives her report while the man dances.

<-------Foreground: A man thought it was a good time to use the restroom on one of Atlanta's many statues. Thing is, he didn't use the bathroom as most men do. Rather, he squatted and peed through his pants. What's worse, the downtown ambassadors (tourist assistants) saw him about to do it, and when he started they just turned and ran.

So, because there's never a dull moment and there's always something going on behind the scenes, I love Atlanta.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Reason #2: Days like today!

You see what time it is?

That's right, it's after 6pm on a Friday, and we're just now getting our first post of the day up. Do you know why that is? Basically baby Jesus sent us a gift in the form of the most perfect weather imaginable. The weather has been in the 80's all day, not a cloud in the sky, and I've been sitting my pretty ass by the pool.

The forecast calls for the next 5 days to be more of the same. So look forward to being happy and blogging by the pool for the foreseeable future. If you want to come join us to enjoy a beer by the pool, feel free.

Days like today are why I love Atlanta.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Reason #1: Free Stuff

We love Atlanta in the springtime because there are TONS of free events. Last weekend there was the Dogwood Festival and Sweetwater 420 Fest. Both events were free to the public and packed with entertainment. This weekend we've got the Inman Park Festival which, according to The Weatherman, should take place under beautiful blue skies. Last year's Inman Park Festival featured Sister Hazel playing alongside some 12 year old kid (who made tons of cash by playing guitar with his friends on a visible corner).

Needless to say, we're pumped about this year's prospects.

Beyond the festivals Atlanta has always had tons of free entertainment. 99X used to put on free concerts every Friday during the summer months. Now that they're back in Atlanta (97.9FM) we expect more free entertainment.

So, that's the short of it for free entertainment in Atlanta. And if it's free, we love it. That's why we love Atlanta.